The Hague – As previously announced on our LinkedIn page, “Shoemaker of the year’ winning craftsman Esdras van den Berg could expect a visit from one of our specialized salespeople

The industry prize was awarded at the Shoemakers convention in Nieuwegein, awarded by the Dutch Shoemaker Association (Nederlandse Schoenmakers Vereniging i.e. NSV), and along with the proverbial honor the Hague native was also given a large trophy. Professional shoemaker Esdras was visited by Rob Aaldering from M&C, who obviously didn’t come empty-handed.

Per Rob: “Esdras has been an official dealer of our M&C product line for only a brief period, but that won’t deter us from putting the spotlight on him. Besides, I think he has a lovely store. It suits the image of a full-on professional craftsman.”  Vakschoenmakerij Esdras sells multiple M&C cylinder models and has the skills to make additional specialized keys.

Van den Berg is quite pleased with our organization. As per him: “I’ve known M&C quite a while and I’ve been enchanted by their modular cylinder system. Besides that, I like that there’s no waiting with them and that they’re very approachable and provide such personalized support.” As we mentioned earlier, the craftsman received a delicious bottle of wine from salesmanager Rob. Would you like to plan in a visit from one of our represtatives? Click here.