About M&C.



A Safer place to live

You’re investing in your home. Taking care of your family. You make sure they’ve got nothing left to want. Food, drink, clothing – all is accounted for. But how about your home security? In most cases the standard issue hinges and locks don’t offer the protection needed against break-ins. There is also a lack of knowledge about the proper precautions. Then how can you secure your home and the people who live there?

The answer to this question is what kept M&C Security going the last thirty years. We develop high quality security products that have one important condition: everybody has to be able to install these themselves. This way, you too can create a safer place to live.

Field experience

Burglars are constantly looking for new ways to achieve their criminal ends. And we are constantly finding new ways to prevent them. At M&C we are continually developing new products. But we’re also improving the existing range. With the inspiration we get from lockpickers.

Lockpicking is a sport. A ‘door hardware sport’. It is the art of opening a lock without damaging it or using a key. These athletes analyse very complex locks for weaknesses. We take this newly gathered knowledge back to the drawing board. The unique combination of know-how and field experience makes sure that we manage to deliver you high quality security products.


More than secure

Our growing product range of security cylinders, security door handle sets and Security Bars all meet the demands of the highly esteemed Dutch quality mark SKG® and the PKVW® police hallmark. We are even taking it a step further. Just to give you a good night’s sleep. More than secure.