MATRIX security cylinder


Product description

The M&C MATRIX combines our anti-pick, anti-bump, anti-drill and anti-impression security technologies into a single cylinder. In addition to the SKG*** requirements, the M&C MATRIX has a steel tubular bar. This bar makes it virtually impossible to break the cylinder – even without a door handle set.

The M&C MATRIX is equipped as standard with an emergency and hazard function. This means that you can open the door using a second key even when there is a key inserted on the other side of the cylinder.

The MATRIX series keys are patented against unauthorized copying. They have additional security thanks to an undercut. Each set comes with a certificate that allows you to have additional keys and cylinders made at an authorized dealer.


De M&C MATRIX veiligheidscilinder is:
  • Safe: more than 3,5 million different combinations and virtually unbreakable
  • User-friendly: open the cylinder using a second key even when another key is inserted
  • Modular: available up to a maximum length of 205 mm; fits into any door
  • Veelzijdig: leverbaar in de kleuren nikkel, messing en zwart
  • Flexible: with master key systems you can decide who has access to specific rooms


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