M&C Cylinder Service pin

Product description

If you lubricate your locks at least once a year, you prevent the cylinders from getting worn. Oil, graphite or grease are not suitable for this, because these products attract dirt and dust. The M&C Cylinder Service pin contains Interflon®, a maintenance lubricant that enables lower friction and smooth operation.

Push the pin into the keyhole as far as it will go and spray a little lubricant on both sides of the cylinder. After application, take the key out of the keyhole a few times and turn it a few times in the lock. This will lubricate the rest of the cylinder too.


The M&C Cylinder Service pin is:
  • Durable: regular use prevents wear and tear of your cylinder
  • User-friendly: push the pin into both sides of the cylinder
  • Specialized: Interflon® maintenance lubricant was developed for this application