Our productdevelopers are not exactly deskjockeys. Most of the time they are on the move to gather as much knowledge as they can on the subject of security. At fairs and conventions. Spending time with lockpickers and producers. On the shop floor. Or at somebody’s home. At the end of the day they return to their desks. Not to take a rest. But to develop the best possible products.

Of course it cuts both ways. We like to share the knowledge and experience our developers gathered in more than thirty years with other people too. We give lectures on numerous occasions and even offer our specialism to competing organizations. We’re doing all this just to create a safer place to live for people like you.


A cylinder is the core of your security. Even if you posses the best locking mechanism in the world, the protection of your entry door is as good as the cylinder in it. M&C has over thirty years of experience with the production of cylinders. All our products are made from durable materials and with the latest technology. These products do not only pass the test from the Dutch SKG® standard. Or the Police Safety hallmark. Our products meet the M&C requirements. More than secure.


The moment a new security product is launched people are eager to crack it. Not all these people have sinister meanings. At M&C we are inspired by organisations like The Open Organisation Of Lockpickers (TOOOl), Sportsfreunde der sperrtechniek Deutschland (SSDEV) and Associated Locksmiths Of America (ALOA). The members of these groups are interested in ways of opening all kinds of locks without damaging it. For this purpose they only use a simple lockpicking set and their well-trained hands.

Because of the relationship we have with these lockpickers we are always the first to know what defects are found in the security products that are currently available. At M&C we use this newly gathered knowledge not only to improve our present productline but also to develop new security products in the future. Just so that you can be sure that M&C always delivers a high quality product.