Düsseldorf – This week it will finally happen. After several years of being unable to partake due to the Covid-19 pandemic, M&C Protect from Didam will begin to once again actively partake in the (international) convention scene. With great pride, the family company will display their latest developments and products at the ELF (European Locksmith Federation) Conventie 2024 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

The ELF Convention 2024, an international gathering of professionals in the security and locksmithing industry, will take place from the 2nd to the 4th of May. The European Locksmith Federation is a collaborative organization of European security technology associations. At  least 18 associations from 18 different European countries will gather together under the international umbrella organization with the intent to discuss the collective goals of individual security firms and to cooperate in creating solutions towards achieving these. The European Locksmith Federation (ELF) was founded in 1984 and will celebrate its fortieth anniversary at the 2024 convention.

As previously announced, M&C will attend the security and locksmith industry convention with their brand-new convention stand set-up. This specifically developed stand will offer a unique chance to display their core product line and offer presentations to potential new and existing customers. This new stand will cover a space of about 36 m3 and has been designed to match the new company house style.

M&C’s sales manager Rob Aaldering and export manager Rex Broekman are pleased with the new convention stand. Per Rob: “Our marketing department has worked incredibly hard to create this stunning convention stand, allowing us to display our complete line of products, such as the  Matrix** and Matrix***, the Color+, the Minos, Condor and Move.” Special attention will be given to the distinctive modular system. Export manager Rex emphasizes that this is an excellent opportunity to familiarize potential new customers with all the core values that M&C stands for. “On behalf of CEO Cor Overbeeke and all the other colleagues of our family company we would like to invite all existing national and international customers to visit our stand at booth number 32.” The convention will take place in the heart of Düsseldorf, within Hotel Kö59, located at Königsallee 59.