Nieuwegein – On Monday, March 4th 2024, was the second edition of the Dag van de Schoenmaker (‘day of the shoemaker’), a convention held at CAST in Nieuwegein. Organized by the Dutch Shoemaker Association (Nederlandse Schoenmakers Vereniging i.e. NSV) and the CAST tradefair, which awarded among other the professional award of ‘Shoemaker of the year’ to a M&C dealer.

M&C, a company with more than 40 years of experience in security and burglary prevention, was also present with their own stand, attending the convention beside the various shoemaker companies. Two familiar faces from the Sales team (Rob Aaldering and Jonathan Stam) were in attendance as explain such products as the M&C Keymaker machine, the difference between the Condor, Minos and Matrix*** cylinders but also to draw attention to the product selection of M&C locks.

At the end of the afternoon we saw M&C dealer Esdras van den Berg, operating in the Leyweg shopping center in the Hauge, receive the award of ‘Shoemaker of the Year’.  In an interview with Omroep West the craftsman declared himself to be proud and honored by the award. As previously mentioned, Esdras van den Berg is a customer of M&C and can expect a special visit from one of our representatives to congratulate him quite soon.

M&C also held a special giveaway during the convention. They brought in an enormous vase filled with an unknown number of keys. Visitors at the M&C booth could try to guess what they thought was the number of keys within the vase. The winner will be announced soon.