Barcelona – Spanish importer and locksmith company Dismace S.L. can boast their new front desk with pride. Recently it has been equipped with a beautiful, stylized vinyl livery. As part of their intensification campaign of the M&C house style ,the marketing team of the Didam-based company has been working closely with the Spanish importer in creating this uniquely stylized front desk.

Not only does the livery showcase the various color options for several of the cylinders, it also displays a clear explanation of the unique modular system that all M&C cylinders function with. The strong placement of the M&C bull logo alongside the ‘authorized dealership’ stamp highlights the strong bond that the two companies have developed over the years.

Founded in 1993 in Barcelona, Dismace is a professional retailer in security materials with an enormous product assortment, ranging from security cameras to safes to combination locks. Obviously, door cylinders can’t be omitted from this, with M&C cylinders as the favored choice of the company.

Beaming with pride over the results, company owner Juan Garcia couldn’t wait to share a photo of the counter. Per Juan: “The M&C products are the absolute top of the line in this industry. I’m immensely proud of the livery on my counter. The entire style of M&C radiates sleekness and strength. And that logo, with the bull head? That really turns heads, especially here in Spain. I’m more than pleased with it. Watching this come together with the cooperation from the M&C marketing team has been thrilling. The excited reaction from our customers has been great as well. M&C has truly become an integral part to our Dismace family.”

Are you a M&C dealership as well and would you like to have your front desk restyled in a similar way? Then don’t wait and contact M&C now, and we can look into the possibilities together.

The new, with M&C branding applied, front desk of Dismace