Didam – After attending the second edition of the Day of the Shoemaker at CAST in Nieuwegein, the family company M&C will display their developments and products with great pride in Dusseldorf, Germany. M&C will be attending the ELF Convention 2024, which will take place between the 2nd to the 4th of May, where they will unveil their newest, specially designed convention stand.

M&C will display their product line at the international industry gathering for the security and keymaker sector in  Düsseldorf, as well as provide in-depth explanations on their functionality to potentially new and current customers. The convention stand was specially designed by AAA Display in Hoofddorp and M&C CEO Cor Overbeeke is excited to begin using it at the German convention. Enthusiastically, he said: “Our old convention stand is already eight years old, and as a company we’ve made great strides in our growth. Not only on an organizational level but also in product development. That’s why we put our heads together and came to the conclusion that is was time to develop an entirely new stand.”

Marketer and designer Bas, working at M&C for about two years, was directly involved in in the production of this stand. As he explains it, the stand is designed toward a spacious set-up, covering a space of about 36 m3.  Bas adds: “The beauty of the new stand is that is has been completely designed towards our new company house-style. Personally, I find that the black and orange combination creates a powerful contrast that really brings the style out. We’ve also made extra space on the stand to display our unique products. Product presentation has always been an essential part of a stand. In our case we placed extra focus on an clear presentation of our primary products like the Matrix** and  Matrix***, the Color+, the Minos, Condor and Move in combination with our distinguished modular system.”