Düsseldorf – During the ELF (European Locksmith Federation) convention 2024, the family company M&C from Didam received several visits from Mr. Sirius, the quite youthful and highly enthusiastic security expert, lockpicking athlete and host of the Mr. Sirius YouTube channel.

Originating from Köln, Mr. Sirius has been fascinated with locks from an early age. At age thirteen he was one of the youngest contestants in the world championship in lockpicking, where the goal of the sport is to open locks in a non-destructive manner/ As expert in the area of locks and security, certified by the Fraunhofer Institute for Mechatronic Design, Mr. Sirius is a frequent collaborator with manufacturers in the development of stronger locks and. Besides this he is also the host of multiple successful YouTube channels, his more recent ‘Mr. Sirius’ channel that not only boasts more than 168.000 followers but also his TikTok channel that has roughly 200.000 followers, where he reviews locks and other security systems.

At the ELF Convention, where Mr. Sirius attended both days from beginning to end, he was unable to stay away from the M&C stand, visiting it at least three times. His attention was drawn by a replica of the Move cylinder, a model reproduction at a 2:1 scale. He could not allow himself to leave the convention without getting his hands on this scaled model. Despite the fact only a limited quantity of these scale models have ever been produced, M&C was able to offer one of these to Mr. Sirius.

I’ve basically fallen in love,” Mr. Sirius declared. “You can actually feel how much effort was put into the creation of this replica by the company. It’s beautiful to be able to hold a cylinder like this at such an enlarged size. It’s also partially opened, which allows you to view the interior and let’s you really see what makes this such a unique quality product.” Mr. Sirius was certainly not the only one who struggled to contain his enthusiasm when it came to the M&C special 2:1 Move scale model. “Where can I get one?” and “I also collect locks, but I can sadly only find regular-sized ones. I’d love to get one in this size,” are among the comments under the video on Mr. Sirius’ channel. M&C produced a limited run of 2:1 scaled replicas of their product line, which include the previously mentioned Move. Because of the limited supplies it can safely be said that Mr. Sirius managed to obtain a  true collector’s item.

Watch his acquisition and review of the model in the video here.

M&C Move cilinder gemaakt of de ELF Conventie Stand, met Mr. Sirius

M&C Move cylinder at the ELF Convention Stand, with Mr. Sirius