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As an official M&C dealer, you have many advantages. Our cylinders are SKG** or SKG *** certified and meet the standards of DIN-18252, EN-1303, EN 1603 and EN-1670. M&C door fittings are SKG*** certified, indicating that we maintain the highest security standards. Our products are suitable for all common doors, including fire and smoke doors.

Modular system:

Our strong point is our modular system. This system makes our cylinders easily extendable. Moreover, our modular parts fit all our cylinders, so you only need one extension set for all models of cylinders. This reduces your inventory and allows for immediate customer service. In addition, we have large numbers of equal-locking sets readily available from stock, which increases efficiency. Our new patented Twist bridge is a top-notch bridge made of tough stainless steel and designed for easy installation.


Wide product range:

We offer a wide range of products and colors, including nickel, black and brass, to suit all the customers needs.


Safety is our top priority. That is why all our cylinders have a standard emergency function for operation from both sides at the same time. We also supply every cylinder with a security card, which increases security and prevents unauthorized copying.

M&C key cutting machine:

In addition, we offer an in-house M&C key cutting machine in our program, and our keys can also be duplicated on all common machines. We also understand the importance of fast delivery, whether for standard products or custom and complex masterkey systems.


We offer quick service, personal contact and short lines of communication within our organization to support dealers in their success. We look forward to working with you and improving the safety of your customers.

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