Where can I (re)order extra M&C cylinders/keys?

M&C keys and cylinders can be reordered from an M&C dealer. Look here for your nearest M&C dealer.

What does SKG certified mean?

SKG is an independent testing institute and tests and certifies security products. If the product passes the test, it is qualified with a number of stars. The higher the number of stars, the safer the product. Three stars is the maximum achievable.

What is the difference between a traditional key and a dimple key?

A traditional key enters the keyhole vertically. This is the simplest and most conventional key. Dimple keys can go into the keyhole horizontally on both sides. This provides additional ease of use, for example in the dark. A dimple key, unlike many other keys, has no incisions with sharp edges. The M&C Move has a dimple key with moving part, which ensures the highest possible copy protection.

What is core pulling?

Our special U-clip protects M&C cylinders against core pulling, where a screw is screwed into the cylinder to pull the entire cylinder out of the lock.

What is an emergency function?

M&C cylinders have a standard emergency function. Which means they are two-way operable. If there is a key on the inside of the door, the door can still be opened from the outside with a 2nd key.

What is lockpicking?

Lockpicking uses tools to manually manipulate the pins of the cylinder to manipulate and open the door without a key. Advanced techniques prevent lockpicking of M&C cylinders.

What is cylinder snapping?

With ordinary cylinders, there is a risk that they can be broken in half, allowing the door to be easily opened. The presence of an extra-strong bridge in M&C cylinders makes them virtually unbreakable.

What is cylinder bumping?

Bumping is where the cylinder is forced open with a special bump key. Anti bump protection makes M&C cylinders difficult to open the lock with a bump key and hammer. This is achieved by the special design of the pins.

What is a masterkey system?

A masterkey system, also known as a key plan, regulates access rights to various areas and secures a building or complex to prevent unauthorized entry. Our Matrix and Condor cylinders are suitable for masterkey plans.

If you have question you can’t find the answer to, please contact your nearest M&C dealer.