M&C Sport Line

Our Sport Line features unique titanium keys with inlays from crashed parts of Formula One cars, giving each key a touch of authentic motorsport history.

M&C Sport Line

M&C Sport Line

  • F1 parts

    The titanium Formula 1 keys feature an exclusive inlay of parts from crashed F1 cars.

  • Titanium

    The keys are made of titanium, which is an extremely strong and lightweight material.

  • M&C Condor

    Sport Line cylinders are based on the M&C Condor, an ultra-strong cylinder for maximum protection.

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Unique material

The Max Verstappen Formula 1 key is made from an original rim of Max Verstappen’s car!


The M&C Formula One keys are handmade by a jewelry designer.

Luxury packaging

The key and cylinder come in a luxurious aluminum gift box.

M&C cylinder spray

M&C cylinder spray is the best lubricant for our cylinders. This quality spray lubricates the cylinder and repels dirt and moisture, preventing wear and extending its lifespan.