SKG*** / Grade 5

The M&C Grade 5 is an extremely heavy duty SKG*** padlock. It has very high security applications, such as containers, trailers, and safes. The padlock is designed to be combined with M&C safety cylinders.

Padlock SKG*** / Grade 5

SKG*** / Grade 5

  • Ultra strong

    This padlock is made of chrome hardened steel, and the protection plate and hardened sliding bolt secure it against cutting, drilling and core-pulling.

  • Weather proof

    The M&C Grade 5 padlock is weather protected, which means that the padlock can survive extreme weather circumstances.

  • Compatible

    Our Grade 5 padlock is compatible with all M&C cylinders, which has the advantage that it can be combined in masterkey systems.

Where to buy


Our Grade 5 is compatible with our entire cylinder range and can be made keyed-alike with your door cylinder keys.

M&C cylinder spray

M&C cylinder spray is the best lubricant for our cylinders. This quality spray lubricates the cylinder, and repels dirt and moisture, thus preventing wear and extending the lifespan.

M&C security sticker

The M&C window sticker indicates that your property is protected by our products. Intruders are given an extra warning by the sticker.

M&C security card

Keys and cylinders can only be reordered with the standard included M&C Security Card. This gives you extra security and prevents unauthorized copying of your key.