M&C Condor

The M&C CONDOR gets its name from the bird of prey with the largest wing area in the world. When this mighty bird takes your home or business premises under its wings, you have the best possible protection.

M&C Condor

M&C Condor

  • Raised key profile

    The robust key with the raised profile prevents illegal copying. The snake and snake holes offer extra security against lockpicking.

  • Anti-picking and anti-drilling

    Advanced techniques such as the snake bar and side pins make the M&C CONDOR secure against lock-picking.

  • Ideal for master key systems

Where to buy

Dimple key

The M&C Condor has a robust dimple key with a raised profile that prevents illegal copying of the key.

M&C cylinder spray

M&C cylinder spray is the best lubricant for our cylinders. This quality spray lubricates the cylinder, and repels dirt and moisture, thus preventing wear and extending the lifespan.

M&C security card

Keys and cylinders can only be reordered with the standard included M&C Security Card. This gives you extra security and prevents unauthorized copying of your key.

M&C security sticker

The M&C window sticker indicates that your property is protected by our products. Intruders are given an extra warning by the sticker.