M&C Minos

The M&C MINOS is named after the mythological King Minos of Crete, who had a labyrinth built so well secured that even the dangerous minotaur could not escape.

M&C Minos


  • Stainless steel bridge

    This cylinder has a special stainless steel bridge. Stainless steel is a very strong material makes breaking the bridge virtually impossible.

  • Improved ease of use

    The rounded shapes where the key enters this cylinder help to guide the key even better.

  • Prevents drilling and core pulling

Where to buy

Dimple key

The M&C Minos has a durable metal dimple key. A dimple key gives you supreme convenience because it can be inserted into the lock in two ways.

M&C cylinder spray

M&C cylinder spray is the best lubricant for our cylinders. This quality spray lubricates the cylinder, and repels dirt and moisture, thus preventing wear and extending the lifespan.

M&C security card

Keys and cylinders can only be reordered with the standard included M&C Security Card. This gives you extra security and prevents unauthorized copying of your key.

M&C security sticker

The M&C window sticker indicates that your property is protected by our products. Intruders are given an extra warning by the sticker.